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Dongguan Li Plastic Products Co. Ltd. is a professional development, design, production and sales of edge and all kinds of plastic extrusion products manufacturers, the products are widely used in furniture, Kitchenware and other industries. The company has professional technical staff on the design, equipped with high-precision machinery and machine tools; according to customer requirements to develop mold; imported raw materials, scientific formula and advanced technology, to provide reliable quality assurance for products, and product design from the adaptability and fashion are unique.
Large furniture edge sealing products have not changed after trimming, adhesion, yellowing resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, no color difference between batches, etc..
Li plastic now has thousands of colors for customers to choose, including plain, wood, stone, metal texture, abstract patterns, at the same time with Matt, light, Gao Liangguang, three-dimensional embossing, 3D surface effect. Incentives can also be customized according to customer demand. The edge sealing strip is an ideal edge decoration product for furniture manufacturing and decoration. Deep understanding and better meet customer demand is the key to the pursuit of big. Li Da sales service team is composed of a wealth of experience of the staff, on the edge of the product has a profound understanding, ready to provide customers with professional consulting services and technical support.
In the fierce market competition environment, Li will be more pragmatic style, with the quality of your satisfaction with credibility, allows you to rest assured, adhering to the "professional manufacture, customer supreme management idea, cooperate with you wholeheartedly, together toward a better and more brilliant tomorrow.
Li Da plastic production and sales of the current leading products
1 PVC edge banding;
2 ABS edge banding;
3 acrylic 3D edge banding;
4 T type edge banding;
5 profile series;
6 roller shutter door series;
7: soft U-shaped wrapping strips, hard U-shaped buckle series.
For more information please direct service to Dongguan city and encourage large plastic products limited company staff (service hotline: 0769-33219685 mobile phone: 13113186085), to obtain more information about the edge and edge of dynamic manufacturers how to use and high-quality PVC edge, plastic sealing strips, furniture edge strip, PVC profile, platics plastic profile, edge banding, plastic wrapping strips, PVC edge band selection, customization and application range of processing and processing methods.
Source: Dongguan Lisheng plastic product technology center
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